There are many benefits to ensuring that you obtain only the very best double glazing windows prices for new or replacement double glazing for your home or business. When you get a free double glazing online quote through us, you will be able to see the difference in the cost of double glazing windows compared to those offered by other companies and you may be pleasantly surprised.

The double glazing prices that you obtain can cover many aspects of replacement double glazed window units. From your specially installed windows you may be able to gain benefits such as noise reduction, increased thermal comfort and greater energy efficiency for your residential or commercial property.


The average double glazed windows cost can vary in accordance with a range of factors. The double glazing cost may relate to window units, which refer to the entire space in the wall of a room occupied by a single stretch of glass – that is, a normal ‘window’ area which includes a number of panes of glass built across a single frame. These double glazing units can include anything from two to fifteen different panes. However, if you want to upgrade to double glazing you can usually purchase the entire section by itself, rather than opting for a pane-by-pane double glazing windows price model – which will ultimately save you money.


We repair windows, conservatories and even doors. When something breaks you need someone who knows what they are doing to mend it.

Why replace when you can repair your windows, conservatories and doors?
Replacement of misted and broken glass units is so much cheaper then replacing the window and frame.
Perfect Glass will measure up and supply you with high quality replacement sealed units.
Our repair and maintenance specialists are here to deliver the result you want at a price to suit your budget. Whatever the issue, our technicians are here to help you.

Then list all repairs we do:

  • Repair and replacement of fogged or misted double glazed glass units
  • Handles & mechanisms repaired & replaced
  • Replacement window and door hinges
  • Re-aligning dropped doors and windows


In addition to our window repairs and replacements, Perfect Glass can also provide all the repairs and maintenance you need to keep your property’s doors looking fantastic and working perfectly. Specialising in uPVC and aluminium frames, we can provide spare parts and repairs for all faults and general wear and tear.

Our door repair and maintenance

  • Hinges
  • Locks
  • Handles
  • Glass units
  • Aluminium and uPVC

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